February 4, 2023

Mikel Arteta and Arsenal players knew before the game against Chelsea that only a win will take them back to the league’s summit.

However, some Arsenal players played below expectation which culminated in their abysmal display in front of Chelsea’s goalpost.

Below are the 3 worst players among all of them.

1Gabriel Jesus missed many goal scoring chances and should have scored not less than 3 goals before the end of first half.

He wasted not less than 3 big chances and that caused their goal-scoring drought.

2. Another player that should be blamed is Gabriel Martinelli who was hoarding the ball and reluctant to release passes as at when due.

Just like Gabriel, he missed many scoring chances.

3. Bukayo Saka should also be blamed but his own may be due to fatigue as he was not as attacking as he used to be.

He also missed many goals he ought to have scored.

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