November 30, 2022

A game that was extremely important for the standings of the Barclays Women’s Super League was played between West Ham United and Aston Villa. West Ham United won the game 2-1 at home.

Brynjarsdottir scored the first goal for West Ham United in the second minute, and Smith contributed an assist on the play.

Hayashi and Asseyi scored the second goal for West Ham United in the 14th minute, working together to score the goal.

Aston Villa had a penalty kick opportunity in the 73rd minute, but goalkeeper Lehmann was unable to convert it. However, in the 77th minute, Dali and Daly collaborated to score a consolation goal for the Villa.

West Ham United moved up to sixth place in the table of the Barclays Women’s Super League with 6 points after their 2-1 victory over Aston Villa, while Aston Villa slipped to fifth place in the leaderboard, also with 6 points.

The Man United Women FC team is currently in second place with six points heading into Sunday’s match against eighth-place Brighton. Meanwhile, the leaders Arsenal will be traveling to Reading, and third-place Chelsea will be traveling to Everton.

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