December 6, 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo is having a difficult start to the 2022/23 season.

First, he did not show up for pre-season with the Manchester United squad with news flying around that his agent was looking to find a new club for him.

He subsequently lost his place in the Manchester United team and he eventually had a clash with Ten Haag which resulted in his being ostracized from the first team for a few days.

Through this times, he has had his supporters but there have also been people who called him out for his behaviour.

These people found out the hard way that Cristiano Ronaldo does not take criticism lightly.

Below is how Ronaldo Replied 3 football legends who criticized him.

Jamie Carragher.

The former Liverpool player has been one of the most vocal critics of Ronaldo this season.

He has in fact questioned Ronaldo’s place in the current Manchester United team and has always opined that United play better without him.

Well Ronaldo was listening and he showed his displeasure with an action during the warm-up to Manchester United’s 2-1 defeat of Liverpool earlier this season.

The Portuguese star went to greet Sky Sports pundits and after greeting Gary Neville and Roy Keane, he snubbed Carragher’s attempt to shake his hand.

Gary Neville.

He has always been a supporter of Ronaldo but he took Ten Haag’s side when Ronaldo was ostracized from the first team.

When Ronaldo snubbed Carragher, he acknowledged Neville but he was soon got his own share of the man’s displeasure.

During the build-up to United’s game against West Ham, Neville was on Sky Sports punditry duties with Louis Saha and Jamie Redknapp.

Ronaldo went over, hugged Saha and Redknapp but he refused to acknowledge Neville.

Neville was furious and later accused Ronaldo of not behaving like a Manchester United player.

Wayne Rooney.

This is actually the pick of the bunch because Ronaldo went on a verbal attack this time around.

Rooney’s only crime was saying that Ten Haag was the right man for the Manchester United job and praising the way he has handled the whole Ronaldo Saga.

In the trailer of his upcoming interview with Piers Morgan, Ronaldo went all out on Rooney.

He accused Rooney of being jealous that he has a longer career and better looks.

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