November 30, 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo set another historic world on Sunday at Goodison Part.

The Portuguese 44th-minute strike against Everton was all he needed to reach a historic 700th top-level club career goal to become the first-ever player on earth in the history of world football to reach such a milestone.

On Monday afternoon, the 37-year-old took to his social media accounts and reveal how he felt after that climacteric achievement.

“700 club goals,” he wrote emphatically.

“We (Manchester United) have scored countless goals together.”

Ronaldo acknowledged the fact that he can not have achieved this milestone without the help and support of his teammates, coaches, clubs, family & friends, and of course, his teeming fans.

The Portuguese international concluded by saying that: “United we continue!”

Indeed, of truth, if we are united, we are bound to achieve even greater things.

Can we say, Anthony Martial’s injury is a blessing in disguise? Ronaldo replaced him in the 29th minute and, without hesitation, he netted his 700th top-level career goal.

How Cristiano Ronaldo achieved his 700 top-level career goals:

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