February 6, 2023

Officers of the Department of State Services (DSS) and some American soldiers have reportedly arrested a suspected terrorist in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

Naija News gathered that the suspected terrorist was arrested in Trademore Estate, Phase 3, located in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Monday, days after the United States and the United Kingdom raised alarm over the possibility of terror attacks in the nation’s capital.

In a chat with reporters on Wednesday, the Chairman of the estate, Adewale Adenaike, said the DSS and the US soldiers stormed the residential area to carry out the sting operation.

Adenaike said the security operatives failed to inform the community leadership about the sting operation and closed down the estate gates to stop vehicular movements.

The community chairman said he later found out that the DSS officers and the US soldiers came to arrest a resident of the estate who is alleged to be involved in terrorist activities.

Adenaike said the officers arrested the suspect in a boys’ quarters section of a duplex occupied by a family in the estate.

He said: “It happened on Monday. We were in our houses when our estate was locked up. Nobody going out, nobody coming into the estate. As the chairman, I came out to find out what was happening in the estate.

I discovered it was a sting operation by our DSS and some American soldiers, and it was alleged, I repeat, it was alleged, right, that they were looking for somebody who had suspected terrorist activity, it was alleged as such.

“As I was approaching the gate to my own street, the heavily masked DSS guys stopped me from going, and I told them I can’t stop because people are calling me for information so they will need to tell me why you are here, and that was how I got to know the alleged terrorist activity.

“And because they were DSS and with the American army I had nothing to say, I just said okay, they had to do what they had to do, and when they finished what they were doing, all we saw was to see them drive away with a couple of people from the estate.

“As I speak to you I do not have details of what happened, I don’t know what happened. There has been a lot of insinuation and rumour. I am not a rumour monger, therefore, I refuse to escalate the rumour I have been hearing.”

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