December 5, 2022

According to an article published by the healthline, How to use unripe pawpaw to cure ulcer that shouldn’t be ignored.


Grab and wash a young papaya.

Remove the seeds but don’t peel them.

Slice it into pieces after carefully cleaning the outside without peeling it.

The cut ought to be small, like sugar cubes. Place all of the papaya’s little bits in a spotless container.

Water should be added to the container until it reaches the same level as the sliced papaya.

Give the papaya four days in the water. For instance, if you soak on a Monday, the fourth day would be Friday after adding Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The water will turn white, like palm wine, on the fourth day. Filter the water, throw away the papaya, and use it as your ulcer remedy.


Papaya water should be consumed every morning, midday, and evening in a half-glass. Because it will heal the interior sores that are the cause of the agony, you won’t experience the ulcer pain anymore.

Depending on how severe the ulcer is, this DOSAGE may be sustained for several weeks or even months. It does not feel good. It’s a remedy.

NOTE: Patients with ULCER should eat breakfast,

avoid eating spicy food

Avoid drinking alcohol

Should not use caffeine-containing medicines

Orange, pineapple, lime, lemon, and sugarcane should be avoided.

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