December 5, 2022

According to an article published by the healthline, How you can use unripe plantain to cure diabetes.

Your blood sugar levels are directly impacted by what you eat, as well as your general health. Whether you have diabetes or not, controlling your blood sugar levels is one method to stay healthy.

Eating meals that doesn’t boost your blood sugar levels rapidly is one strategy to manage your blood sugar levels.

Unripe plantains

Foods that won’t raise your blood sugar levels include Unripe plantains.

Blood Sugar


Obtain some Unripe plantains.

With the back, slice them.

To the amount of unripe plantains you intend to cook in a day, add adequate water.

Simply wash and cook them without pealing the back.

Eat the plantains after removing the green back when you’re ready.

Then, consume the water that you used to boil it; ideally, you should continue to drink the water throughout the day.

After consuming this three times each day for a month, check your blood sugar. Additionally, consume unripe plantains consistently for faster results.

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