December 6, 2022

Despite Barcelona’s awful performance in the UEFA champions league this season, they are currently one of the most in-form clubs in the Europe’s top five leagues this season.

They have won their last five La Liga games This season, making them the only La Liga team with 15 points in the last five La Liga games. They also have an incredible 12 goals difference in this last five games.

However, there are other European clubs who have garnered 15 points in their last five games. These clubs includes Monaco, Lorient and Napoli, but both teams have less goal difference than Barcelona in their last five league games.

Majority of the clubs in the top ten list, have accumulated 13 points in their last five leagues games. These clubs includes Manchester city, Udinese, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain.

However, it Manchester city who have the best goal difference among these clubs and this is because of Haaland’s hat-trick run.

However, the Premier league leaders Arsenal are ranked ninth on the list with an incredible 12 points and 5 goal difference in their last five league games.

Chelsea also made the top ten list and have the same statistics as Arsenal. However, there are many other top European clubs who didn’t make the list because they are not in their best form so far. These clubs includes Inter Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester united, Liverpool, and Atletico Madrid.

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