November 29, 2022

Lionel Messi has expressed his love for Paris, both on and off the field, which could be a major setback for Barcelona’s prospects of re-signing the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Due to Camp Nou’s severe financial state, which made it difficult for him to register his already-signed contract with La Liga, Messi was forced to quit the club in 2021.

At that point, Messi had spent 21 years at Barcelona, making the transition to a new team in a foreign country quite challenging. His first season with PSG was disappointing by his normal standards and produced his lowest goal total since he was a teenager (11 in all competitions).

However, the 35-year-old has settled in at PSG thus far in 2022–23; in just 19 games, he has already surpassed his goal total from the entirety of the previous campaign. Moreover, he has 14 assists.

I like Paris much more, I discover the city and I find it magnificent,” Messi revealed in a YouTube interview for CONMEBOL ahead of the World Cup.

“In the first year, there was a big change. Things happened very suddenly, it was not my goal to leave Barcelona and everything was abrupt. After this long period and difficult times, I’m happy to live where I live and my family and I are enjoying Paris.”

Discussing the very sudden nature of the move, Messi added, “It was hard, we stayed in the same place our whole lives, I had never moved and I did not know what it was like to leave [Barcelona].

“We did not expect this, it happened very quickly and we had to leave Barcelona overnight tomorrow. We find ourselves in a new environment.

We had our life in Barcelona, ​​our friends, our customs, and we found ourselves in a different place, with another language, another football, another climate, I suffered a lot because of that.

“It was difficult. But, today, I enjoy everything, including football.”

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