December 1, 2022

Ever since the start of the season, it was obvious that Cristiano Ronaldo and Erik Ten Hag didn’t have a good relationship.

Cristiano Ronaldo has started few matches this season, and this affected his performance on the field.

However, despite fans awareness of Ronaldo’s relationship with Erik Ten Hag and Manchester United, it’s obvious fans only knew little of what was happening in the team.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent interview with Piers Morgan showed fans the kind of relationship he had with Manchester United.

Ronaldo expressed his mind completely and also responded to all his critics.

He also told fans that he doesn’t have respect for Erik Ten Hag because the coach doesn’t have respect for him.

However, a lot of fans have criticised Ronaldo for embarrassing Manchester United publicly.

They also feel Ronaldo shouldn’t have attacked Erik Ten Hag since the team’s performance has improved

It has been reported that Manchester United bosses would meet with Erik Ten Hag to decide Cristiano Ronaldo’s punishment.

The last time the club had a meeting to decide Ronaldo’s punishment, he was given a tough punishment, and this time, he could receive a worse punishment.

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