February 6, 2023

Brazilian footballers are known for their samba style of football and skills, but for Manchester United’s Anthony, such privileges may have brought a lot of criticisms on him, specifically one he may not have wanted.

In the Europa League fixture against Sheriff, the former Ajax man tried showing off some of those Brazilian football magic only to have it backfire on him as the ball inadvertently went out of play.

For Manchester United legend, Robbie Savage, he considers such feats embarrassing on Anthony’s part especially in a moment where there was no use for such.

The United legend slammed Antony, describing the Brazilian as disappointing and embarrassing for what he termed unnecessary showboating in the Thursday Europa League win over Sheriff Tiraspol.

When the Red Devils needed three points to maintain their chances of clinching first place, the Brazil international seemed to be amusing the audience.

At 0-0, while the game was still tied, he began performing antics on the field. Erik ten Hag, the manager, removed him at halftime; however, he might have chosen to deploy a player with more serious intentions.

Given the status of the game at the moment, Savage was taken aback by what he saw and called the former Ajax star “embarrassing.”

“Well that for me is ridiculous. Because he’s done that and then he puts the ball out of play. Quite embarrassing actually, doing that with nobody near him,” Savage told BT Sport.

“If I were the manager, I would not be happy. Nobody near him, and he puts the ball out of play. Embarrassing.”

The criticism would certainly have been worse had the Red Devils failed to come out of the game with all 3 points.

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