February 7, 2023

Kyle Walker and his English teammates now have knowledge on how to handle a Kylian Mbappe who is in terrific form, thanks to Matty Cash.

During France’s victory over Poland in their round of 16 match, the striker scored twice, with Cash assigned to mark him.

Mbappe is the World Cup’s top scorer with five goals and has arguably been the tournament’s best player, with England’s defence next in line to face him having beaten Senegal in their last-16 game.

What Did Matty Cash Say About Mbappe?

“I spent the afternoon watching his clips and I knew it was going to be a tough test, but when he gets the ball, stops and moves, he’s the quickest thing I’ve ever seen,” the Aston Villa defender said.

“I said to him at the end: ‘Can I have your shirt?’ and he gave me his match-worn shirt so I’m delighted with that.

“I’m watching the videos while lying in bed. In real life he’s burning my legs – that’s the difference.

“It’s a massive difference. When he stands you up and moves he does it really well. He drops the shoulder, goes short then long.

“I got into a couple of races with him and I did all right. You look over your shoulder and he’s there.”

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Meanwhile, Cash believes England will be able to deal with France’s biggest threat.

“They’ve got Kyle Walker who can play right-back and he’s probably just as quick as Mbappe.

“He knows Mbappe is amazing but Kyle is England’s best right-back. So if anyone’s going to stop Mbappe, Kyle is the man to stop him.

“I said before that [Raheem] Sterling was my toughest opponent – when we faced Manchester City, he was brilliant. Sterling’s rapid, but Mbappe is electric.”

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