December 5, 2022

Arsenal’s Pablo Marí says he feels “lucky” to have escaped life-threatening injuries after being stabbed and seeing “a person die in front of me” in an Italian supermarket.

Milan’s Niguarda hospital performed surgery to reconstruct two injured muscles in Marí’s back.

Supermarket employee Luis Fernando Ruggieri, 47, has been named as the man killed in Thursday’s attack in Milan.

Another employee was left injured along with four customers, including Marí.

Ruggieri had worked at the Carrefour supermarket for three years – all 12 of the company’s shops in Italy observed a minute’s silence for him on Friday.

Carrefour said knives would be removed from store displays following talks with the Milan prosecutor’s office and further safety measures may follow.

The mayor of the Milan suburb of Assago, where the fatal stabbing happened, described it as a day of mourning and flags were lowered to half-mast.

The 46-year-old suspect is being treated under guard in a psychiatric ward at San Paolo hospital in Milan.

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