February 5, 2023

The Spaniard boss, Pep Guardiola who is the Champion of this league last season has pointed out his fingers at one club in English football that could make things difficult for him even after remaining unbeaten since the kick-off of this campaign.

The competition in the chase for the title between Manchester City and Arsenal is becoming so complicated due to how is turning out where these two clubs are securing points in every game to safeguard their positions in the title race.

The Gunners recorded their seventh victory against Liverpool yesterday at the Fly Emirates Stadium. The Reds have always had an awful start to the season.

Klopp and his boys have remained desperate in hunting points this season where they have remained behind all top clubs in this league.

Even though Kopites has had a bad spell this season, Guardiola is well-convinced that his next game on Sunday against the 55-year-old boss at Anfield will not be easy since this is one of the clubs that has given him hard time in his managerial career in England.

He said that “After that, we have four days to prepare for Anfield, and it won’t be any surprise to tell you how fascinating, difficult and competitive that will be.

” He went ahead and termed this clash as “The biggest test, I would say, we can face in England is going to happen next Sunday”

This shows how the boss of the Blues is worried about this clash which may determine his position in the race for the Premier League crown, by either widening the gap between him and Arteta in case he will drop points or by bridging the gap between them in case he will ‘snatch’ points in the hands of Klopp once again after last weekend defeat.

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