December 2, 2022

Following a delay in announcing their broadcasting choices for January, the Premier League has apologized to Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Leeds United, and other teams.

Prior to the break for the World Cup in Qatar, the league was supposed to announce the impacted fixtures for December and January in October.

Broadcast picks for November, meanwhile, were confirmed in September.

The Premier League has cited issues with “obtaining relevant local stakeholder approvals” as the reason behind the delay in announcing some fixtures, with the picks now released, and have apologised to supporters.

They have also stated their commitment to “ensure more effective communication” in the future.

“The Premier League apologises to supporters for the delay in announcing these fixtures and understands their frustrations.

“Finalising these particular selections took longer than expected due to difficulties obtaining relevant stakeholder approvals.

“The League is committed to working with supporters to ensure more effective communication in advance of future fixture announcements and reiterates its apology for the delay on this occasion.”

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