December 4, 2022

The 2022 World Cup Qatar is here and ladies I have a treat for you. The World Cup is not only football, tears, red cards, penalties, pain, injuries and celebration.

It is also the chance to see some very handsome men strut their stuff in front of the world. I have compiled a list of handsome men to look out for this summer.

Cristiano Ronaldo

We have to start with the most famous of them all. 37 year old Cristiano will be playing for favorites Portugal. With close to half a billion followers on Instagram, Ronaldo has more followers than anyone on earth.

Standing at 1.85 cm with a chiselled body and strong jaw, one can imagine that a huge part of his Instagram followers are women. At 37, this is likely to be his last Word Cup.


Another famous star, Brazilian Neymar is one the world’s most famous people. Blessed with immense talent and good looks, Neymar is one for the ladies to look out for.

Neymar is also known for being creative with his hairstyles. Many will be waiting to see how he will be looking in Qatar.

Alisson Becker

Another Brazilian, Alisson will be playing in his second world Cup. Blue eyes, handsome smile and standing at 1,9m tall this goalkeeper is one to keep an eye on.

Paolo Dybala

Argentina’s Paolo Dybala is a very handsome man. Having what some might consider a baby face, Dybala is actually 29 years old.

Olivier Giroud

Representing France is striker Olivier Giroud. At 36 years old, this might be the last chance to see the very handsome 1,92 cm striker in action.

Virgil van Djik

Defender van Djik comes from The Netherlands. Playing in his first World Cup, this is the first chance for many to see Virgil’s very handsome face. The 1,93 Liverpool FC player likes to keep his long hair in a bun.

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