December 5, 2022

The first set of Matches for the Champions League Game week 5 were played today. 8 matches were played in total. These are the matches that were played today, Salzburg VS Chelsea (1:2), Sevilla VS Copenhagen (3:0), Dinamo Zagreb VS AC Milan(0:4), Benfica VS Juventus (4:3), Celtic VS Shakhtar (1:1), Dortmund VS Manchester City (0:0), Leipzig VS Real Madrid (3:2), PSG VS Maccabi Haifa (7:2).

The matches were entertaining set of matches. After the results, some of the Teams qualified for the round of 16 from their respective groups despite the one game in hand. The qualifed teams are:

1. Chelsea

In group E, Chelsea sits on top of the table with 10 Points. They lead the team currently at the 3rd position, Salzburg with 4 Points.

2. Manchester City

Despite their loss to Leipzig today, they qualifed for the round of 16. They are on 10 in points currently.

3. Dortmund

Dortmund is the Team currently occupying second position in Manchester City’s group. They have also qualified.

4. Bayern Munich

5. Napoli

6. PSG

7. Real Madrid

8. Benfica

9. Club Brugge

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