December 6, 2022

Barcelona defender, Ronald Araujo, has been linked to numerous rumors regarding his participation with the Uruguayan national team in the FIFA World Cup over the previous few days.

According to reports, Barça believed that the South American country was pushing the centre-half’s recuperation so he could begin competing at the World Cup as soon as possible, in violation of their agreement to follow the club’s recovery plan.

It was even suggested that the Catalans could take the matter to FIFA.

However, Uruguay issued a retort to those claims, insisting that Araujo was not being rushed and will not be playing in La Celeste’s first two World Cup matches while being a doubt for the third game as well.

What Did Uruaguay Football Federation Say About Araujo?

As insisted, Araujo was not included in the matchday squad for Uruguay’s opener against South Korea today.

And just before the game, an official from the nation’s football federation issued a statement providing an update on the defender’s situation.

Speaking to Que T’hi Jugues, Gaston Tealdi, the vice-president of the Uruguayan Football Federation (AUF) said:

“Araujo is in the orbit of the Uruguayan national team.

“The last word is with the national team, but our intention is that any decision is made by mutual agreement. The last word is the player’s.”

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“The intention is to work slowly, gradually, giving security to Araujo and also to Barça.

“The moment Araujo is fit to be able to compete, the corresponding decisions will be made,” he further added.

These assurances could come as a relief for Barcelona, who were getting increasingly concerned about the possibility of Araujo’s injury relapsing if he was rushed back.

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