February 6, 2023

The striker was straight back into game mode after the long delay at Elland Road caused by a power cut
Players of Leeds United and Arsenal head back into the tunnel as kick off is delayed due to a power outage at Elland Road

Leeds United vs Arsenal was delayed due to a power cut

Arsenal’s clash at Elland Road against Leeds United was delayed by over 35 minutes due to a power cut. The game got underway but only lasted a matter of seconds before the referee halted proceedings.

Players of both sides waited on the Elland Road surface for the issue to be resolved, but after around 15 minutes, they headed back into the changing rooms.

The power cut meant that goal line technology and VAR couldn’t be used, while it also affected the match officials’ communication kit.

However, play did get back underway at around 2:40pm after the players came back out onto the pitch to go through some short warm up procedures. When the play was stopped for the power cut, the ball had just gone out for a throw in to the Whites.

Play resumed almost 40 minutes later, with the game getting back underway from the Leeds throw in. Gabriel Jesus was arguing with the officials that the Leeds throw in was further back, even though a long time had passed since the ball went out of play.

The Brazilian showed that despite the long and unexpected break he will still firmly in game mode as he tried to help his team gain some territory by arguing that the throw in was further back.

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