December 6, 2022

Endrick Felipe is the most promising young Brazilian talent right now. Real Madrid will always be on the lookout for talented young players, and Brazil in particular continues to be a hotspot for the Spanish club’s scouts.

At only 16, the prodigy is being courted by some of the best clubs in Europe, including Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, and, of course, Real Madrid.

Juni Calafat, Los Blancos’ head scout, is reportedly keeping tabs on Endrick’s development and is pleased with what he’s seen so far. Calafat is credited with discovering Rodrygo, Vinicius Junior, and other South American stars in the past.

His abilities have been universally praised. There have been a few of his goals in recent months that have gone viral online and grabbed the interest of soccer fans all over the world.

Endrick is expected to stay with his current club Palmeiras for another two years because he cannot sign a professional deal with a European team until he turns 18.

Already Calafat is intrigued by his potential, and it is said that Real Madrid’s main rivals, FC Barcelona, have sent scouts to check out the hype.

There’s no denying that Endrick is a big deal in the NFL, so why are the top teams so attracted by him? Why are so many clubs bidding against each other to sign him, and what exactly is it about him that has made him so desirable?

Endrick plays forward for Palmeiras, and he’s really good. He’s only 16, but he’s already shown that he’s a far better player than most of the other kids his age in the youth levels.

First, let’s highlight how adaptable he is. He is versatile enough to fill in as left wing, right wing, or striker. Moreover, he is versatile enough to fill in in offensive midfield. He’s got crazy speed and explosiveness up front, and he can get things done in a hurry wherever on the field.

The man has a body that is not to be disregarded. Although not the tallest, the player is extremely powerful. When it comes to single combat, he is formidable. In addition to being able to spot tackles with ease, he also takes pleasure in a good challenge.

The most striking thing about him was the striking resemblance to Zinedine Zidane that we noticed when we first saw him.

We’re not saying he’s better than the French World Cup winner, but after watching his highlights, we couldn’t help but notice striking similarities in their playing styles.

The back-heel and overhead flicks of Endrick, his ability to keep the ball under control in congested situations, and his clean knack to trap the ball brought to mind the French legend.

Endrick is able to stand out in the final quarter thanks to his quickness and dribbling ability. His ability to charge ahead and power through a large number of defenders in a single stride is impressive.

He’s got great touch on the ball up close and can use his speed when it’s called for, making him a dangerous player.

Endrick, a native of the country of Joga Bonito, brings with him the whole weight of Brazil’s illustrious football history.

When given the chance, he will show off his ability to dribble the ball around and trip up others. But does that mean he’s too focused on how it looks? That’s not the case at all.

If you compare Endrick’s age to the fact that he is a complete striker, it becomes immediately apparent that Endrick’s level of finishing precision and positional awareness is simply incomprehensible.

Endrick demonstrates impressive finishing prowess by delivering shots with pinpoint accuracy and tremendous force. Over the past year, he’s scored some incredible goals, including overhead kicks, flicks from tight angles, and long-range screamers.

Endrick’s exceptional dribbling skills and keen sense of positioning allow him to consistently be in the best possible spots when his team needs him most. Because of his rapid acceleration, he is difficult to track and mark.

As previously noted, he has an uncanny ability to create scoring chances for himself by asking for the right passes, making the right moves, and exposing and exploiting gaps in the defense.

His assurance is yet another star in his deck. He is not afraid of a physical confrontation and is often seen making tackles that are made in haste and can be a little clumsy.

He may be short, but his aerial prowess is huge. The force he possesses and the height to which he can jump compensate for his stature. His skill in the air is a useful tool, even if it doesn’t directly affect the outcome.

Endrick has a lot of potential and might be a tremendous pick up for Real Madrid, but he still has some work to do.

In spite of the lack of any truly devastating drawbacks, they are present.

Although the Brazilian is on the up-and-up, he faces certain obstacles to his success. In spite of his obvious brilliance in Brazil, he is still very green and may struggle to adapt to the more physical style of play in Europe.

The young athlete’s zeal often leads him into trouble, and he has a habit of jumping into tackles when he isn’t welcomed. There aren’t that many problems right now, but it’s going to progress nicely over time.

Keep in mind that Vinicius followed a similar trajectory, starting off as a promising young player in Brazil before eventually finding his footing at Real Madrid.

Time and practice, however, helped him become proficient in the mode, and he is now the industry’s foremost luminary. It’s not impossible for Endrick to take the same path.

Overall, it would be a big coup for Real Madrid to sign Endrick. However, the battle for his signing is expected to be intense, and the price tag Palmeiras will set on him may be a source of controversy considering the high desire.

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