February 6, 2023

From the recent stats, it seems Manchester United are the only English team to remain in contention in four competitions this season which are the Premier League, Carabao Cup, FA Cup and Europa League.

There are now speculations if they would be able to win their first trophy since 2017. And there is a dark cloud hanging over them that they could become the first English side that will not win any of them.

Moreover, from their recent performance, fans can confirm that United have no chance of winning a trophy this season because according to them, they are truly washed and finished currently. Although there is hope that they might compete in the championship in a few seasons and actually stand a chance.

But for now, it’s not looking good for them as they have not made a single transfer this winter. Besides, Chelsea, Arsenal and all top clubs bought good players but not United and without a strong squad, United may not win a trophy this season as they are looking tired.

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