February 6, 2023

Qatar lost its opening World Cup game against Ecuador by 0-2, and Valencia’s performance was the main talking point. The 33-year-old Ecuador striker scored two first half to seal the win.

However, fans have been reacting to the VAR interventions, Qatar’s inability to register a single shot on target, Valencia’s disappointing injury, and Ecuador’s pressing, but this article will center on why Qatar fans shouldn’t be blamed for leaving the stadium before the opening World Cup game ended. Take a look!

1. Qatar Put Up A Disappointing Display Against Ecuador.

Note that the joy of every fan is for their team to perform well regardless of the match outcome. At the world cup, many fans are there to support their countries, but the reactions of fans can’t be blamed when their team is doing badly.

Against Ecuador, Qatar had just one corner kick and registered no single shot on target. Also, Ecuador won the possession battle, so there was little to be happy about. Hence, Qatar fans should be blamed for leaving the match stadium before full-time.

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